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5 DIY Shelving Ideas

Whether for your home or your storage shed, these DIY shelving ideas will help you achieve simple and artistic shelving. We’ve included various levels of difficulty (based on a scale of 1–5, 5 being the most difficult) [...]

5 Benefits of Children Getting Outside to Play

When my 10-month-old daughter is indoors, her ability to preoccupy herself is limited to one hour at the most, and usually half of that. But when I take my curious little human outside, wonder and curiosity [...]

5 Great Things About the Fourth of July

1. Barbecue Whether it’s brisket, ribs, or plain old hamburgers and hot dogs, the Fourth gives us a great excuse to get outside and barbecue. Even if you’re not the world’s greatest pitmaster, smoky grills [...]

5 Guiding Principles That Will Help You Declutter

Maybe by now you’ve read our “5 Ways Getting Organized Will Change Your Life For the Better,” and you want to move forward with decluttering, but you need some pointers. Maybe you’ve even already put [...]

5 Reasons You Need a Storage Shed

Get organized. We have more stuff than people did a generation ago, and though living minimally is beneficial, there are always things you can’t get rid of. Like the tools you use to take care of [...]

6 Upgrades You Need for Your Storage Shed

At The Shed Builders, we love our customers. It’s nice to see them returning to visit us any season of the year. Come any time. But we do like to save our customers from hassle, [...]