5 Reasons You Need a Storage Shed

Get organized.

We have more stuff than people did a generation ago, and though living minimally is beneficial, there are always things you can’t get rid of. Like the tools you use to take care of your lawn and cut your grass. Or the seasonal items you can’t deep-six, but you don’t want in the kitchen, living room, or garage. As you work through the process of organizing your stuff, a storage shed can be the perfect addition to your backyard to give the lawn tools and bulky, weekend-use items their own home.

Having a storage shed can help you make the rest of your space more intentional and improve the quality of your life. The money you spend will be paid back many times in peace of mind and clean, beautiful spaces.


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Increase property value.

“A larger outbuilding in great condition, such as a detached garage, can also add value to the home.”

One in decay or bad condition, however, can do the opposite, so make sure you choose well (larger is better both for you and the value of your home). You’ll want a high quality shed that will last. Some sheds are built with the intention of lasting a season or two. But you want a study structure that can stand for years. And if you have an old shed on your property, it might be time to upgrade.


Get organized so you can be more efficient.

Increase efficiency.

If the tools you use for each activity or hobby are all organized into their own dwelling space, you can increase efficiency in your life. So when you tackle the yard work, your yard tools will all be in your yard shed. When you tackle washing your car, the car wax and car towels won’t be in the storage shed, but in the garage. When you work in the kitchen, you won’t find screwdrivers mixed into your kitchen knives. Everything will have its own space and you’ll be able to reach for when when you tackle a task. Research suggests that as much as 30% of time can be lost in a day looking for misplaced items.


5 Reasons You Need a Storage Shed for your family

Keep everyone safe.

Saws, nails, power tools, chemicals, and garden tools shouldn’t be lying around the garage or basement where children might play. Move them away to their own designated space and keep your kids safe. Consider these statistics:

  • 39 percent have tripped over something in the garage due to clutter.
  • 27 percent have hit an object when opening a vehicle door.
  • 22 percent have accidentally hit something in the garage with a moving car.
  • 11 percent have accidentally run over something in their garage with their car.

(statistics from nwitimes.com)

Your basement should be a play and family space, and your garage should be to house your vehicles. Store tools and chemicals in a storage shed.


Make your own art studio.

Make it yours.

You can customize your shed with your choice of a variety of paint choices or stain choices and roofing types. You can also customize the interior with your own flare. Besides the customizations that we offer, you can also add additional shelving and storage options (check out our other blog posts for more ideas). Or, instead of purchasing a shed for storage, you can purchase it for one of our other popular uses—a man cave, she shed, yoga shed, or wood shop. The ideas are as endless and unique as our customers.

So what will your shed be? Will it be a hobby house? A trusty storage place? A quiet getaway? A simple quality shed may be the missing piece you need to clean out your garage, connect with a favorite hobby, or reclaim high-value square footage in your home.

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