5 Ways Getting Organized Will Change Your Life For the Better

If you’re thinking of buy a storage shed to declutter your house or garage but you’re not sure, these 5 reasons for organizing your space might help nudge you in the right direction. You see, we don’t want you to just move your junk from your garage to your shiny new storage shed. We want you to experience a new lease on life by getting organized, and we hope our products will help you do so.

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Increase your property value.

Experts say decluttering helps increase the value of property and helps it sell quickly. We expect potential buyers to be able to envision our cluttered home as their beautiful, clean, spacious mini-mansion, but they can’t. And you would be paying a huge price for those who can, because DIYers buy at a deal. Do you want to sell your house at a deal price, or make some real cash?


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Save money.

There are so many ways decluttering helps your finances. The most obvious is that you can sell some of your stuff and bring in some cash. I turned to Dave Ramsey, expert financial advisor and getting-out-of-debt freak, for his tips on turning your household junk into cash.

“Sell so much stuff, the kids think they’re next.” —Dave Ramsey

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But there’s more. The fact that you have less stuff will keep you from buying a bigger house to put that stuff in, and the extra room you already have can be put to better uses than guarding clutter (like a yoga room, den, or family game room). Plus, if you are in decluttering mode, it’s likely to put an end to impulse buying (where will I put that vase?) or uninformed buying (I already have 5 bottles of soy sauce). Less stuff also means a cleaner mental state for making more important decisions.

“It’s estimated we lose 15–20% of our annual budget because we procrastinate and avoid making decisions about the way we live and function.”(psychology today.)


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Achieve peace of mind.

Those who declutter report that they feel so free from the burden of their stuff that it gives them peace of mind they didn’t even realize was missing. Believe it or not, stuff takes up place in your mind. And those who let go are so excited about the momentum they gain in life, finances, peace, and space that they say decluttering becomes addictive, a habit just like any other.


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Get promoted.

That clutter on your desk might be keeping you from a promotion. Real or perceived, managers might think you are less productive (though studies show that you probably are) if your desk needs some clean up. It can be negatively affecting your attitude, too, which will definitely hinder your personal and professional life.



Have better relationships.

Clutter affects every relationship you have. Your self-esteem goes down. Your spouse finds living with you frustrating. Your children pick up on the negative energy.

Feng shui teaches us that the energy of each item in your space talks to you, so having clutter is like having hundreds of little conversations going on all at once. (Debbie Bowie)

This mental clutter affects your ability to focus on the people you love, and creates irritability and even anger.

But clear this clutter, and you experience peace and better interaction with yourself, your spouse, and your kids.

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