The Importance of Creativity and Imagination in Children’s Playtime

Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” What can we do to give our children a place where play, creativity, and imagination are encouraged? Is creative, imaginative play important?

In our society, the desire to stay connected through technology is growing rapidly. This need for constant connectivity affects our children even at a very young age as parents (and children!) spend more and more time online.

Substituting family game night and bedtime stories with social media and Netflix deprives children of opportunities to learn to use their imagination and creativity. Creativity and problem solving go hand in hand. These are basic skills that enable children to successfully transition into functioning teens and adults.

Imagination allows children to discover and engage in the world around them. Activities that require creativity and imagination help children think through things they have learned. They can interact with historical events and cultures around the world even though it is not possible to visit those eras or places in person.

Providing children with a safe, fun place to engage their imagination allows them to develop not only their physical muscles, but also the mental muscle of the brain. According to numerous studies, imagination and creativity help improve a child’s communication skills and vocabulary. Using the imagination advances the cognitive development of young children.

A playhouse from The Shed Builders is the perfect place for kids to freely use their imagination. Within their own special playhouse, kids are free to make up stories or even act stories out. They can talk and play with imaginary friends, props, and toys. They can create their own art and craft area—no cleanup by mom required! When children have their own playhouse, they can play to their heart’s content without the parent trying to think of things for them to do.

Research conducted all over the world has proven the benefits of children as young as eighteen months participating in make-believe games. Evidence shows that children’s early imaginative play increases their creativity in later years of development as well.

Imagination presents endless opportunities! And a playhouse presents opportunities for creative, imaginative play! Providing a playhouse for your child promotes outdoor playtime, limits the amount of electronic screen time they are exposed to, and provides personal play space for happier, more creative play.

Society benefits when we encourage future generations to embrace their imagination and empower their creativity!

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